Research and Analysis

Thoughtful, precise design and interpretation

I conduct quantitative and qualitative research and analysis for clients, providing them with a deepened understanding of their challenges and data, within the broader context of their strategic challenges and goals. Reports highlight not just the symptoms but the underlying causes, the potential consequences, and the actions that are likely to improve results.

Report examples:

  • Thematic reports for 360, 180 feedback data
  • Thematic reports for personality reports
  • Executive summary reports from employee survey data
  • Thematic reports from leadership development data
  • Implication reports from recruitment data

Data collection methods:

  • Online questionnaire design and delivery
  • Facilitation of focus groups
  • Facilitation of large group feedback sessions
  • Conducting individual interviews
“Bianca worked with me for many years while at Hay Group, in particular conducting research and analysis relating to developing new behavioural competency models, and in the production of thematic composite reports following talent audits.  She is bright, personable and highly professional.  Our clients found her work clear, insightful and useful for developing and managing their leadership populations.” Chris Watkin, Occupational Psychologist. 
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