For Individuals

Personalised one-to-one business coaching

My focus as a coach is to help people gain increased understanding and insight into their challenges and opportunities, helping to build their motivation and confidence to achieve their personal goals, and maximise their effectiveness.

My clients primarily seek out coaching to help them address work challenges and aspirations, however, people are more than just their jobs and I take a ‘whole person’ approach to empower my clients to enhance their own and others’ lives.

I take a practical and tailored approach to coaching, adapting to the individual needs of each coachee and provide a balance of support and challenge to help people move forward with their goals. I am an authentic and empathetic coach and use a relaxed, conversational coaching style to work in partnership with people to support their development.

I draw on a range of models and tools, but my approach is primarily guided by three strands of Psychology: Humanistic, Positive and Cognitive. I build trust through listening, empathy and sharing perspectives – enabling people to feel safe and able to explore their own thinking. I encourage a focus on positives and strengths to overcome challenges and increase personal satisfaction and happiness, and I help people identify, understand, challenge and change their thinking patterns in order to build confidence, personal insight and effectiveness.

To get the most value from coaching, individuals typically choose to work with me over a number of months, but this is flexible. During an initial call I agree with each individual the approach that will best meet their personal needs, rather than mandating a specific number of meetings or time period.


“Bianca, Thank you so much for all of your help over the last six months.  You have made a real difference to my life. I feel much more prepared to deal with the challenges that everyday brings and, although I know there is much more work for me to do, I have confidence that I can deal with these challenges without generating internal stress, without affecting my energy levels, and without reducing my confidence….  you have been always professional, very patient, and kind. You have guided me to find solutions for myself, and you have made me think in a way that was not natural to me. I think it is (almost natural) now. I genuinely feel like a better person, and I am able to reach a peaceful state when I need to”.  Senior Manager, TfL

“Bianca was my business coach for almost a year and was crucial to a number of changes I made within my business which led to increase in output, profit and my enjoyment of running it! She is a truly excellent coach who stops you cogitating over issues and moves you in to effective action.” Celia Forshew – Founder / CEO Seed Marketing

“Bianca is a positive, insightful, clear headed coach and can make sense of any situation thrown at her. Using her level headed self along with humour and her personable style I found Bianca very easy to talk to whilst she cleverly related my psychometric back to my career path. I would highly recommend Bianca as a coach” Claire Norowzian – Creative and Director at BBC Creative

“Bianca was extremely perceptive in helping me to work through the detail behind the high level issues I came to her with. She was always focused on getting me to identify potential solutions and realistic actions that I could take between sessions. This meant I could test out ideas, make some progress, or see where things weren’t working. I found her to be empathetic but challenging at the right times, and also self-reflective in her practices and willing to adapt her approach so I could get the most out of our time. There was no hand-holding – the expectation and emphasis was on me developing my own thinking – but there were times when she provided suggestions based on her past experiences that helped structure my ideas or understand what options were available to me. I would absolutely recommend her!”  Ed Wildish – Head of Continuous Improvement at London Borough of Merton 

“Bianca is a professional, knowledgeable and personable coach who I worked with over a 6 month period. We covered a variety of coaching related subjects including both short and long term goals. Bianca was a pleasure to work with and I’d happily recommend her as a coach.” Kim Wylie – Change and Transformation Lead at Google for Work

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