A friend of mine recently shared an interesting TED talk by Reshma Saujani called ‘teach girls bravery not perfection’. This got me thinking about courage, a topic we didn’t hear much about in 2016 but was ‘en vogue’ a couple of years back when everyone was writing about courageous leadership and getting out of our comfort zones. Despite being a victim of fashion, courage in work and life is not at all a recent concept, Dr Susan Jeffers (1938-2012) first published the classic self-help book ‘Feel the fear and do it anyway’ in 1987.

So, what do we actually mean when we talk about courage? Is it always useful? Is more courage really what we need to help us achieve our potential?

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(Overcoming your inner groan)

If you’re asked to define your own personal brand, do you have a sudden urge to run for the hills rather than give your finely crafted elevator pitch? Yup, me too. But it doesn’t need to be this way if we approach this potentially daunting subject with a positive mindset.

Many of us don’t like the term ‘personal brand’, but the concept is critically important and I was recently reminded of this while undertaking the surprisingly stressful task of researching primary schools. I took it for granted that all schools will have a well designed website that contains not only practical information about their location, admission policy etc., but which also describes their philosophy and approach to education, and gives you a ‘feel’ for whether this is a place where your child will be happy, learn and thrive.

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