Team Coaching

Facilitating clarity, responsibility and action

Team coaching helps to build trust, clarity of purpose and a shared understanding between all members of the team so that they can work effectively and achieve more together. As with one-to-one coaching, the value is gained by facilitating the thinking of the group, enabling and empowering the leader and team members to drive their development.

Before beginning any team coaching, I work closely with the team leader and sponsor to understand the nature of the team (do they have a shared purpose?), how they currently operate, how the manager wants them to operate, and how open the leader and team members are to change. I also ask each to define what exactly they hope to get from team coaching.

Typical team coaching programme:

  • Contracting with team leader and sponsor – what is the coaching for?
  • Contracting with each team member – including identifying personal goals
  • Information gathering – gathering feedback from team leader and each team member on their view of how the team operates
  • Strategy workshop – defining and clarifying the team purpose, its strategic goals and development goals
  • ‘Live coaching’ – Providing facilitation and feedback during workshops, increasing understanding and awareness, and reinforcing new ways of working
  • Evaluation – on-going and at end of programme, gathering and analysing feedback from the leader and each team member on the impact of the coaching on them as individuals and as a team
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